Building Consultancy Wales, Swansea


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Building Consultancy Wales, Swansea

Located in the heart of Wales, Building Consultancy Wales is a leading professional service provider in the construction industry. The firm is based in Swansea and has carved a niche for itself through a balanced blend of innovation, integrity, and technical expertise.

The company operates in a broad field covering an array of services including Building Surveying, Project Management, Quantity Surveying, and Health & Safety services. Expert consultants, with depth of experience in both public and private sectors, are the essence of the company.

Building Consultancy Wales takes pride in its capability to tackle complex projects, showcasing a structured approach towards detailed planning and monitoring. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of their way of working, with high regard for maintaining industry standards and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

The company showcases an impressive portfolio with successful completion of varied building projects right from residential buildings, commercial properties, public sector buildings, to sporting facilities. This Belfast-based company has an extensive market reach, delivering its top-notch services to clients throughout Wales and Ireland.

Apart from their exceptional technical services, Building Consultancy Wales, Swansea, upholds a strong foundation of client relationship, transparency, and professionalism. They stand out as a trusted establishment that delivers tailor-made solutions to fit their client’s unique project requirements.

As an industry leader, Building Consultancy Wales is committed to evolving with the world, integrating sustainability and energy-saving aspects into their workflows. Passionate about creating better built environments, this company has a well-established


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