AM Total Properties, Swansea


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AM Total Properties, based in Swansea, is a reputable carpentry and property improvement company, offering a comprehensive range of services across South Wales. Known for their high-standard work and professionalism, the company caters to both domestic and commercial property needs, ensuring a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

The company specialises in various domains including kitchen remodelling, flooring solutions, carpentry, commercial installations, and building renovation. Delving deeper, they offer expert kitchen installations and renovations tailored to individual preferences. The flooring solutions they provide are diverse, extending from laminate and solid wood flooring to engineered wood and vinyl flooring, ensuring customers have a broad variety to choose from.

The team at AM Total Properties doesn’t limit their expertise to residential projects; they also excel in commercial work. Services include the fitting of bars, coffee shops, and play areas, all whilst maintaining competitive prices. Furthermore, they offer building and renovation services, transforming houses and commercial buildings, breathing new life into each project.

Customers can rest assured, knowing that AM Total Properties emphasises quality as a cornerstone of their business. This is reflected in their commitment to ensuring the highest standards of carpentry work, and a full licensing, qualification, and insurance policy for all employed tradespeople.

Contacting the company is simple, with the option for customers to provide their contact information and a brief message on the site. Dedicated to prompt responses, AM Total Properties prides itself on customer service, guaranteeing a swift reply to all queries.



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