Athena Care Group, Swansea


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The Athena Care Group is located in Swansea and serves as a beacon of excellence in the field of health and social care. With an unwavering commitment to improving lives and promoting health and wellness, this group provides care services tailored to meet their clients’ unique needs.

Aptly named after the Greek goddess revered for her wisdom, courage, and care, The Athena Care Group firmly believes in caring for the welfare of its clients as if they were their kin. They value individuality and the uniqueness of each client they serve, offering care programs designed to meet and maximize their needs for comfort, independence, and dignity.

The Athena Care Group proudly stands at the forefront of innovation, incorporating the latest healthcare technologies into its regular service offerings. Their professional team comprises qualified individuals who consistently deliver high-quality care, evident through their remarkable services, dedication, and compassion.

The Athena Care Group provides a broad spectrum of services to cover all clients’ needs. Whether it’s personal care, medication assistance, companionship, housekeeping, or specialized services for specific health conditions, they work meticulously towards ensuring that their clients receive the care they rightly deserve.

Reliability, integrity, and personalized care – these are the hallmarks that define The Athena Care Group. It works tirelessly to ensure clients are comfortable, supported, and most importantly, given a sense of dignity in their everyday lives. It’s not just a care provider in Swansea; it’s a group that transforms lives, constantly raising the bar for


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