Athena Counselling Services Ltd, Swansea


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Athena Counselling Services Ltd, Swansea

Athena Counselling Services Ltd specializes in providing integrative counselling and psychotherapy services. This well-established agency is nestled in the heart of Swansea, diligently serving its community for many years. Operated by seasoned professionals, the company offers a wealth of experience in the counselling sector, stemming from a rich educational background and hands-on field practice. They have a distinct focus on trauma-related issues and offer services related to stress, trauma, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Built on a foundation of sensitivity and understanding, Athena Counselling strives to create a supportive environment for clients while providing pragmatic feedback to help in their current life circumstances. Their counselling and psychotherapy tools help clients acquire better life management skills, thus enabling an improved quality of life. Athena Counselling adopts an integrative approach to counselling, thereby moulding a tailor-made method to suit individual client needs.

Beyond the personal touch offered in their services, this company maintains transparency in their fee structure. Clients are given easy access to a detailed counselling FAQ’s section and resources in the “Free stuff” section on the company’s website. The company also places an emphasises on maintaining data protection and GDPR compliance, to ensure all client data is handled confidentially and correctly.

Athena Counselling Services Ltd. is a reputable agency committed to serving its clients with integrity, understanding, and competence, as they navigate the challenges life presents.


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