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Local Welsh Honey Farm

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Aur Y Ddraig Ltd

Aur Y Ddraig Ltd is a newly-formed Welsh honey farm located in South Wales, specialising in the production and supply of premium-quality Welsh honey. Strategically situated on either side of the picturesque Llwchwr Valley, the farm manages several apiaries, and is named after the prestigious Welsh term for Dragon’s Gold, signifying the high value placed on its unique product.

Aur Y Ddraig’s honey production operations incorporate several services related to beekeeping. Future development plans include the expansion of the product range with additional supplementary products. The wellbeing of the bee colonies is a top priority and is given more importance than production volumes, signifying the business’s commitment to strict ethical standards.

Their extensive network of apiaries are nestled within the Eastern Carmarthenshire border with Swansea. Future projections include the creation of a single production centre to bolster their production capabilities. The company also prides itself on memberships with the WBKA and BBKA, and values the substantial support offered by members of the local ECBKA beekeeping association.

The honey, unblended, unpasteurised and genuinely Welsh, is sold at numerous local outlets and boutique stores. An integral part of their business model, their local stockists, play a crucial role in expanding the reach of their products to more communities.

The essence of Aur Y Ddraig Ltd is deeply rooted in its passion for the process of beekeeping, from breeding to honey extraction. With


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