Automec, Swansea


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Automec, Swansea

Automec, Swansea is a multifaceted business located on the heart of the vibrant city of Swansea. Thriving on a rich history, this originally family-owned business now caters to various needs of both local residents and visitors, with a focus on automotive solutions, property rentals and leisure facilities.

The automotive arm of business, Automec, provides local residents and businesses with high-end, reliable vehicles for hire. Known for its exceptional service and dependable fleet, the company has gained remarkable credibility among the local community. They offer a vast range of vehicles, from economy cars to luxury models, aiming to cater to all transportation needs.

Upon visiting the city, tourists and business travellers often make use of Automec Swansea’s property rental services. The company owns a collection of diverse properties across the city; from modern apartments ideal for solo travellers and business clients to spacious houses suitable for families and large groups. The convenient locations, reasonable rates, and quality of accommodation services resonate with their customer-focused ethos.

Automec Swansea also offers leisure facilities designed to enhance the community spirit of Swansea. They support local social and sports clubs by maintaining well-equipped facilities that are accessible to people of all ages. Their commitment to the local community has sparked a positive impact, fostering a sense of loyalty and trust.

In sum, Automec, Swansea embodies a versatile business model that aims to cater to the varying needs of the city’s residents and visitors. From providing reliable automotive solutions


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