Baubo Belly Dance, Swansea


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Baubo Belly Dance, Swansea

The Baubo Belly Dance centre is the home of the acclaimed Belly Dancer’s Treasure Pack and is a notable influence in the world of belly dance, particularly in Swansea. Guided by the experienced dancer and teacher, Guinevere, the centre provides a wealth of opportunity to learn, practice, and enjoy the art of belly dancing.

With over 20 years of experience, Guinevere has established herself as a performer, choreographer, teacher, and writer in the field. One of her notable creations is ‘The Belly Dancer’s Treasure Pack (2011),’ a set of 58 beautifully illustrated cards designed to empower and improve dance expression, creativity, and confidence in all belly dance enthusiasts. The unique oracle card set and guidebook is revered as a celebration of belly dance, spirit, and womanhood.

At Baubo Belly Dance, attendees can participate in classes and workshops designed for fitness, toning, mind-body-spirit health, and self-development. Whether through a single online class or a 4-week Baubo Belly Dance online course, belly dance students are welcome to learn and enhance their dance skills right from the comfort of their homes.

Beyond dance teachings, Baubo Belly Dance extends its reach online, where free foundational and beginner move classes are offered, accommodating even first-time learners. Under the lead of the talented and experienced Guinevere, Baubo Belly Dance continues to be a valuable resource for those attracted to the enchanting world of belly


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