Beth Stretton Events, Swansea


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Beth Stretton Events, Swansea

Marry Me In France is a renowned event planning company specializing in crafting dream-like weddings in the picturesque setting of South West France. With a rich portfolio of enchanting venues, from the rustic charm of the Secret Garden Dordogne to the grandeur of châteaux in Bordeaux, they offer location options that cater to various tastes and complexities.

The company is founded by Beth Stretton, a multi-award-winning planner with nearly 20 years of impeccable service in the industry. Her team of experienced independent wedding planners and dedicated event stylists takes pride in offering highly personalized services. They attentively transform your dream wedding vision into a beautifully curated reality designed to match your unique style.

For smaller, more intimate gatherings, Marry Me In France has also established the Perfect Little Wedding site, particularly designed for micro weddings. The team offers comprehensive guidance on costing and planning, ensuring not just a memorable but cost-effective occasion. Their endeavor is not solely to organize your event but to make the process enjoyable, exuding passion and professionalism in equal measure.

The charm of their services has been recognized and featured on prestigious platforms, such as,, and As an integral part of their commitment to bring your dream wedding to life, Marry Me In France offers on-site accommodation options and meticulous event designs, guaranteeing an authentic French wedding experience.


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