Birch Farm Plastic Collection Ltd, Swansea


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Birch Farm Plastic Collection Ltd, Swansea, distinguishes itself as a beacon of experience and trust in the recovery of waste agricultural polythene for recycling. Backed by a legacy of four generations of farming insight and over thirty years of meticulous engagement in the sector, the firm’s reputation in the industry is unparalleled.

The core operation of Birch Farm Plastic Collection is the collection of agricultural polythene, a ubiquitous material across farming landscapes. The collected polythene is not only responsibly recycled but ingeniously transformed into a myriad of highly useful products. This operation seamlessly couples environmental sustainability with practical value.

The company’s product range is impressively diverse. Some of the key creations include construction film and black bin bags, satisfying a universal need for robust and reliable waste management solutions. In addition, Birch Farm also contributes significantly to the sustainable construction industry by manufacturing plastic lumber. The lumber, thanks to its durability and versatility, find extensive applications in constructing fencing and decking. Showing a deep commitment to sustainable public amenities, the firm utilizes the same plastic lumber to create street furniture, bollards, and signage.

Birch Farm Plastic Collection is strongly committed to community engagement and furthering a circular, low-carbon economy. They regularly invite participation in proprietary initiatives such as the GrOw Wales Green Project Silage Survey. This endeavor collects valuable insights about tactics to reduce plastic wrap waste, further amplifying the firm’s commitment to a healthier planet.

Last but definitely not least, the company maintains a robust online


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