Brookside Knife Sharpening Services,


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Brookside Sharpening Services, based in Gowerton, Swansea, is a prestigious knife and tool sharpening service providing unparalleled quality to its clients. Renowned for its fast, friendly, and competitively priced services, this enterprise caters to a wide array of sharpening needs, setting it a cut above the rest.

The firm’s major offerings include sharpening of kitchen knives, pen knives, Swiss army knives, pocket knives, and bushcraft/survival knives. They also conduct re-grinding/repairing of broken knife tips, proving their versatility. Not stopping at just knives, Brookside Sharpening Services extends their expertise to tool sharpening as well, accommodating woodworking chisels, axes, mower blades, TCT Circular Saw Blades, and most garden tools.

The pricing for their services depends on the item type and size, ranging from as low as £3.50 for household scissors to £15 for hair scissors. Their sharpening methods are equally impressive, involving powered whetstone sharpeners for the majority of tasks. This technique ensures that the blades are not re-tempered and a sharp edge is consistently achieved. When the situation demands, they resort to diamond and ceramic bench whetstones of varying coarseness, ensuring each blade has a perfectly sharp cutting edge.

Brookside Sharpening Services prioritizes customer satisfaction and convenience. Knives are usually ready for collection within the next day, and they also provide a same-day service when necessary. Their


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