Central Clinic, Swansea


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Swansea Bay University Health Board, often referred to as SBUHB, is a renowned Central Clinic nestled in Swansea’s heart. An integral part of the NHS Wales network, SBUHB proactively serves the healthcare needs of individuals residing in Swansea and its neighboring localities with utmost commitment and diligence. They provide diverse medical care services, strategically divided into primary and secondary care, to ensure a seamless continuum of healthcare.

Primary care services concern the first point of contact between the patient and the NHS in the community. These services include general practices, pharmacists, dentists, and optometrists. For a range of lifestyle challenges like mental health issues and learning disabilities, SBUHB offers specialized community-based curative measures. Furthermore, they emphasize the importance of nutrition with sessions designed to impart “Nutrition Skills for Life.”

SBUHB also caters to secondary healthcare needs by managing prevalent hospitals in the region. They are well-equipped to carry out comprehensive treatments and surgical interventions, delivering quality patient care round the clock. Specialist out of hours and urgent care are also a part of their competency, with dedicated resources for emergency medical assistance, minimizing injuries, and managing mental health crises.

In addition to health services, Swansea Bay University Health Board exhibits a luminary role in medical research and academics. The institution is proud of its vigorous recruitment platform, offering exciting job opportunities and volunteering roles for those who aspire to be a part of the NHS family.

Transparency, public engagement, and patient experience are integral values


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