Core Body Clinic Ltd, Swansea


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Core Body Clinic Ltd, Swansea, is a leading physiotherapy and sports injury clinic with an over 20-year track record of providing first-rate treatment in Swansea and Reading. The clinic prides themselves on being a one-stop solution for patients seeking comprehensive diagnosis, treatment plans and rehabilitation. Specialising in the management of back and body pain, as well as sports and non-sports related injuries, the clinic offers an extensive array of services. These include diagnostic ultrasound scanning, steroid injections, hyaluronic acid injections, shockwave therapy, sports injury rehabilitation and men’s health treatments.

The highly experienced team is led by Adrian Wagstaff, a sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy specialist, and includes experts like Greg Pullum, a specialist in assessing complex spinal problems, and Gianmarco Trove, a former professional volleyball player with an in-depth understanding of sports injuries. Committed to delivering high-quality and professional services, Core Body Clinic Ltd offers online booking available 24-hours a day, master’s level training and experience, and consultant-level care among other benefits. Offering extended opening times, expert diagnostics, and a range of services for everyone, Core Body Clinic Ltd, Swansea extends a welcoming hand to anyone in need of their professional holistic care and rehabilitation.


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