Dilly’s Kitchen, Swansea


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Dilly's Kitchen, Swansea.

Dilly’s Kitchen, Swansea

Dilly’s Kitchen is a lively and unique business establishing a strong online footprint through their creatively crafted website. Operating resilience through transition, the company has recently moved to a new website, keeping the clientele updated with their progress and maintaining quality service. As evident through their online platform, Dilly’s Kitchen displays a refined sense of digital adaptability and customer engagement by brewing a welcoming blend of communication and service updates in their homepage.

The company exhibits sheer dedication in connecting to its clients not just physically, but also virtually through its Facebook page. This scenario justifies their understanding of the power of digitalisation in today’s world. Their intentions towards transparency and customer trust-building are evident through the clearly evident links on their website’s homepage directing towards important details like Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

Convenience and accessibility are strong traits exhibited by Dilly’s Kitchen as they provide a clear link for easy log out for users. There is also an editable feature on their website, which signifies how they value the evolving preferences of their users. Promoting the entrepreneurial mindset and web presence, Dilly’s Kitchen supports ‘Jimdo’, an online platform for setting up functional websites free of charge, and motivates others to join the online market by embedding Jimdo’s link in their website.


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