DSA Manufacturing Ltd, Swansea


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DSA Manufacturing Ltd, Swansea is a premium clothing manufacturer in the UK, offering a comprehensive range of services to both startup and established brands. Their ethos focusses on guiding clients through the manufacturing process, from design to delivery. They pride themselves on helping new businesses establish themselves while providing high-quality garments and maintaining an accessible minimum order quantity.

DSA Manufacturing adopts a hands-on approach, working closely with clients from the initial consultation to the final delivery. They offer a robust design service, translating ideas into professional designs, right through to quality control, ensuring each garment meets the highest possible standards. Notably, their highly experienced team can create custom fits and sizes based on specific requirements, offering a vast library of trends and sizes.

Their commitment to quality extends to sourcing exceptional fabrics designed to enhance garment longevity and contribute toward a more sustainable garment industry. DSA Manufacturing also prioritises communication, promising fast responses and inviting face-to-face meetings at their UK office. As a team, they care about the success of your brand, and look to advise and assist in any way possible.

DSA Manufacturing has amassed numerous positive reviews from satisfied clients, highlighting their great communication, quality workmanship, and all-round excellent service. They offer worldwide manufacturing, with facilities primarily located in China and Turkey. DSA Manufacturing, a trailblazer in UK clothing manufacturing, continually strives to build lasting relationships and provide transparency to all clients.


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