E-Clean, Swansea


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E-Clean, Swansea

E-Clean, located in Swansea, offers a robust social media platform aiming to connect people globally. As a leading authority in the online social networking platform, E-Clean, widely recognized as Facebook, fosters connections between friends, families, and businesses. The platform provides a comprehensive suite of features and tools, paving the way for unprecedented global interaction and connectivity.

The platform hosts an array of user-friendly features like the Messenger for instant communication, Facebook Lite for users with low-speed internet, and an integrated Video section for sharing and viewing videos. Beyond personal connections, E-Clean serves as a hub for games, online shopping via its Marketplace, and innovative technology solutions with Meta Pay, Meta Store, and Meta Quest.

Notably, E-clean extends its reach with additional platforms like Instagram and Threads, thus expanding on its commitment to global connectivity. The company supports community initiatives through its Fundraiser and Services sections and has a dedicated Voting Information Center to encourage civic responsibility among users.

Furthermore, E-Clean prioritizes user privacy and security with its stringent Privacy Policy and Privacy Centre. They also offer comprehensive support for users through Help and Contact sections. Developers, business owners, and job seekers can also find valuable resources in respective sections.

E-Clean thrives on innovation, connectivity, and community service, constantly adapting to meet its users’ ever-changing needs, and making the world more open and connected. The company brings users an all-encompassing online experience that goes beyond social


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