Egypt Centre, Swansea


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Egypt Centre, Swansea

The Egypt Centre has three core functions which are delivered through several Museum services and in which all staff are involved at different levels. The core functions are: 

Preservation of the Collection and Collection Management, without which there would be no museum. Collections are fundamental to the defining and workings of a museum. The acquisition and disposal policy, care of collections policy, and documentation are central to this and are a requirement of accreditation.

Learning and Teaching at the Egypt Centre is defined by the Inspiring Learning for All Framework3 and uses the collection to deliver a service for all ages and abilities. It includes research, acquiring of skills, inspiration, and involves a variety of resources including the shop sales point. Learning also relates to staff and volunteer training, and personal development. It is interdisciplinary and lifelong.

Widening Participation makes explicit our aim to reach as diverse an audience as possible and to incorporate all groups in the life of the Museum and thus the University. At the same time, those already working within the University are brought into greater co-operation with the wider public.


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