Electrotech Coffee Services, Swansea


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Electrotech Coffee Services, Swansea proudly presents CoffeeSafe, its trading brand that excels in the realm of coffee machine maintenance and safety services. CoffeeSafe is developed to create a safer, more knowledgeable, and standardised environment for coffee machine operators and engineers.

Noted for its comprehensive platform, CoffeeSafe offers a vast array of expert services, including machine sales, PSSR Examinations, service and maintenance, as well as training and consultancy. The company also houses an assortment of choice roasters and beans for the coffee connoisseur. Focused on customer assistance, the online portal also helps users find engineer help according to service requirements nationwide.

Furthermore, CoffeeSafe extends its support by offering bespoke training courses to improve knowledge and competency. Special engagement platforms for corporate clients, local authorities, independent operators, and partners further foster a community of safety-first coffee enthusiasts.

Built on the mantra ‘Think Safety First’, CoffeeSafe, along with its prestigious list of clientele, contributes diligently towards increased safety awareness. Highly approachable and devoted to client engagement, CoffeeSafe is open to queries via phone and email for any coffee machine related queries. The CoffeeSafe branch in Swansea remains a cornerstone in spreading the message of safety and standardisation in the coffee industry.


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