F R F Accident Repair Centre, Swansea


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F R F Accident Repair Centre, Swansea

FRF Accident Repair Centre sits at the pinnacle of car body repair services in Swansea and its environs. Boasting of an impeccable reputation solidified over three decades, this specialist provides top-notch workmanship and an unmatched dedication to its clientele. The Centre is renowned for its relentless commitment to customer satisfaction, and it has been duly recognized and endorsed by all the major insurance groups.

The Centre’s vast capacity allows for secure storage of over one hundred vehicles in manned premises, ensuring complete peace of mind for its clientele. Conveniently located just off the M4 at junction 45, the Centre is easily accessible via the motorway, making it a breeze for clients to reach them.

Significantly, FRF Accident Repair Centre goes beyond its repair function by aligning with leading vehicle manufacturers. It proudly bears accreditation from major car brands, testament to their adherence to the highest standards of quality and service. Whether you drive a Volvo, Toyota, Vauxhall, Chevrolet, or MG, you can trust FRF’s experienced team with your vehicle.

In terms of corporate responsibility, FRF Accident Repair Centre maintains transparency with its HR and privacy practices. It maintains an open Vacancies Page, a Privacy Policy, and a Modern Slavery Policy, demonstrating its commitment to ethical management practices.

At FRF Accident Repair Centre, Swansea, quality service meets customer convenience to create an unmatched repair experience. Whether it’s an accident repair or cosmetic refurbishing, their team of seasoned


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