Gower GardenTherapies, Swansea


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Gower Garden Therapies, Swansea, is a professional holistic therapy center ideally located in the tranquil environment of the Gower peninsula. It serves as a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life where one can unwind and experience a bespoke range of rejuvenating treatments curated by the highly experienced Massage Therapist, Nerys Holt.

The center is uniquely positioned in a serene garden setting, offering treatments in the newly renovated Garden Room. Their comprehensive treatment list spans from standard massages to specialized treatments for children. Nerys utilizes premium Neal’s Yard products, ensuring a high-quality, luxurious experience for every client. With a keen focus on the overall well-being of her clients, Nerys’s services aim to leave you feeling calm, relaxed, and ready to return for more.

In addition to onsite treatments, gift vouchers are available for those looking to share the experience with friends and family. With strict adherence to COVID safety procedures and a convenient online booking system, Gower Garden Therapies offers not only a relaxing retreat but a safe and comfortable environment for all clients. Nerys Holt’s dedicated professional service makes Gower Garden Therapies a must-visit destination for therapeutic treatments in Swansea.


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