Green Metal Salvage Ltd, Swansea


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Green Metal Salvage Ltd, Swansea

Recognised as a leader in the recycling industry, Green Metal Salvage Ltd, based in Swansea, holds a reputation for delivering exceptional services in metal salvage and recycling services. Established for over a decade, the company maintains a strong presence in the recycling sector, promoting an environmentally friendly means of disposing of unwanted metals.

Distinguished for imparting quality assurance, Green Metal Salvage Ltd offers comprehensive services including ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling, scrap metal services and vehicle disposal. The company takes pride in its commitment to Environmental Recovery and Waste Management, adhering to strict environmental regulations to ensure safe and efficient handling of recyclable materials.

Guided by a team of highly skilled professionals, the company aims to provide a seamless experience for its clients. The team’s extensive knowledge of the industry helps the company to ensure optimal client satisfaction while maintaining the highest standards of service delivery.

Transforming the recycling industry through reliable service and an environmentally mindful approach to operations, Green Metal Salvage Ltd is poised to extend its influence and industry contribution. Being a trusted name across Swansea and beyond, Green Metal Salvage Ltd is committed to maintaining its market-leading position while fostering sustainable business practices. Offering a tailored solution to suit every client’s need, Green Metal Salvage Ltd is the ideal partner for all recycling needs.


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