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Lashes, Lips, Lives & More, Swansea.

Younique, LLC is a premium beauty brand dedicated to offering beauty solutions that are not only effective but also ethical. With a vast array of products covering eyes, face, lips, skin, and body, Younique presents a comprehensive product line that meets diverse beauty needs. One of their latest offerings is the new and improved ‘YOUNIQUE DAILY·YOU Liquid Collagen Shot.’ This product is designed to transform the skin with superior hydration and elasticity, a stunning step towards radiant beauty.

Younique makes a significant impact by focusing on providing clinically proven results. The liquid collagen shot was shown to reduce wrinkles and pores significantly in just 8 weeks, attributing to its popular demand. The brand also emphasizes sustainability, sourcing premium Marine Collagen ethically. Added benefits of this shot include a delicious tropical flavor without any fishy aftertaste, rendering it a delightful beauty treat.

Apart from this, Younique also offers flexible subscriptions with savings. Customers have the freedom to subscribe and save 10% and also avail Free Shipping. Their website provides an easy-to-navigate platform where customers can shop, learn more about the products, and make purchases hassle-free. Ensuring customer satisfaction, Younique operates with transparent policies – including Subscription policy, general conditions of sale, backorder policy, and the Love It Guarantee.

Staying connected with its customers, the brand maintains a robust online presence across multiple social networks


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