Life Therapy Centre, Swansea


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Life Therapy Centre, Swansea offers an extensive suite of services aimed at promoting holistic well-being and effective help for individuals and families dealing with a variety of issues. The centre offers counselling services for adults, young people, and couples & families, along with specialized autism assessment facilities.

For physical well-being, the Life Therapy Centre offers chiropractic services and specialty therapy including pregnancy and birth treatments. The qualified Chiropractors at Life Therapy Centre treat a wide array of conditions using a natural hands-on approach to healing.

Meeting the mental health needs of their clients, Susi Harris and other experienced therapists provide a safe and comfortable environment to help you cope with life’s challenges. They offer each client confidentiality and discretion in a supportive environment. Clients can choose to meet in person or online, with flexible appointment hours for all therapists.

Alongside, the Life Therapy Centre offers room hire for professionals providing counselling, psychotherapy, and holisitic treatment services. This makes it an affordable and flexible option for healthcare professionals in need of a well-equipped and centrally located therapeutic environment.

The Life Therapy Centre is closely associated with local community efforts towards suicide prevention and mental health awareness, demonstrating a sound commitment to supporting local and broader mental health needs.


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