M & D Care Ltd, Swansea


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M & D Care Ltd, Swansea

M & D Care Ltd is a comprehensive online directory for local businesses in Swansea. The platform connects residents and visitors with a broad range of services and retail outlets in the city. The categories span from arts and entertainment to legal services, each dedicated to making Swansea’s vibrant business scene easily accessible and navigable.

The directory puts immense focus on artistic and cultural offerings with an extensive listing of ‘Arts & Entertainment’ businesses. In addition, it covers ‘Automotive’, offering anything from auto repairs to car sales, ensuring the motor needs of Swansea’s residents are always at reach. Coupled with ‘Event Services’ and ‘Hotels & Travel’, it encompasses the essentials of the city’s tourism industry.

Education & Training establishments are not left out in this comprehensive directory, catering for the educational needs from basic schooling to professional training. The ‘Financial Services’ provides companies offering insurance, financial planning and banking. For tech solutions, one can turn to the ‘Information Technology’ area.

‘M & D Care Ltd’ also showcases Swansea’s gastronomic scene under ‘Food & Drink’, and ‘Hair & Beauty’ sectors where one can find everything from barbershops to day spas. The rounded off list is ‘Legal Services’, providing easy access to solicitors and legal consultants within Swansea.


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