Marriage Care, Swansea


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Marriage Care, Swansea

Marriage Care is a registered charity dedicated to building strong and fulfilling relationships to benefit individuals, families, and society. Our focus remains consistent since our inception – providing relationship counselling, marriage preparation, and comprehensive resources to support relationship health and wellness.

Our aim is to help couples form and maintain healthy relationships, standing by their side during times of difficulty. We firmly believe that healthy relationships foster happier lives, more stable families, and a stronger society. Our suite of services includes relationship counselling, providing individuals and couples with the tools they need to build successful relationships, and resources for relationship education.

Marriage Care extends its help to all, regardless of circumstances. Our marriage preparation sessions empower couples on the path towards wedded bliss with necessary skills and self-awareness. Our involvement doesn’t stop there. We strive to provide an environment to help you deal with relationship crises, directing you towards useful links and helplines.

Marriage Care also offers numerous opportunities to get involved. From volunteering as a relationship counsellor to marriage preparation facilitator, there are myriad roles that members of the community can explore to give back and gain fulfilling experiences.

We are proud to be a member of the Relationships Alliance, valuing our mission, vision, and the values propelling us forward. We remain committed to promoting healthy relationships and providing the necessary support when they’re not. With an active blog and social media channels, we maintain an open dialogue about relationship health and advice.


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