Mitour Ltd, Swansea


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Mitour Ltd, Swansea

miTour is the United Kingdom’s premier sports tour and festival company, specialising in creating unforgettable sporting experiences for teams across the globe. The company’s three decades of expertise and commitment to providing the best service possible have made them a favourite among sports teams seeking to participate in well-organised tournaments and festivals.

miTour offers an assortment of sports tours, including rugby, football, hockey, cricket, and netball tours. Their “Play & Watch” tours showcase an exciting blend of spectatorship and engagement with professional games. miTour’s event roster extends to grand sporting festivals and tournaments, such as the Rugby Festival Series.

miTour also specialises in managing sports events. Schools, clubs, and community outfits can seek their professional assistance in organising smooth, successful sports events. MiTour’s established relationships with sports organisations like Ospreys in the Community, Bishopston Comprehensive School, and Bergen Op Zoom Football Club attest to their capacity for seamless event management.

Reflecting their ethos of client-centered service, miTour is distinguished by positive experiences shared by clients ranging from Carlow RFC to Helston Athletic and many others. The dedicated team is always on hand to assist every step of the way, taking the stress out of tour planning and ensuring a memorable experience for all participants. They can be contacted via their listed phone or mail for enquiries, bookings, and further information.


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