Morgan Hemp Accountants, Swansea


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Morgan Hemp Accountants, Swansea, is a well-established firm offering an extensive range of financial services, catered to both large limited companies and start-ups. The company is committed to providing comprehensive accountancy service, encompassing everything from bookkeeping and wages management to annual accounts and raising finance. In addition to these standard services, Morgan Hemp Accountants offer advisory support including budgeting and forecasting, assisting with strategic business plans, and advice on various business structures.

They have a particular specialism in managing solicitors’ accounts and have developed relationships with major legal companies across South Wales. With a firm belief in embracing the latest technology, Morgan Hemp keeps its clients informed and up-to-date within the fast-paced world of taxation.

Morgan Hemp isn’t just about crunching numbers – their aim is to actively contribute to the thrive of your business. The company has accumulated an array of positive testimonials from satisfied clients who appreciate not just their financial expertise, but the personalised attention and commitment to understanding and meeting business needs.

The firm also keeps abreast of all relevant news in the sector and shares important updates via their online presence. To further assist in tax management, Morgan Hemp has developed a handy Tax Tools app for daily use, featuring a range of useful tools such as tax calculators, tables, and a business mileage logger.

As a registered auditor and chartered certified accountant, Morgan Hemp positions itself as a reliable, professional, and integral partner to your business journey.


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