NACRO Cymru, Swansea


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Nacro Cymru, Swansea, is a critical branch of Nacro, a national social justice charity with more than 50 years of experience in providing services to support vulnerable people to change their lives positively. Nacro’s overarching aim is to create a fairer, more inclusive society where everyone has a secure place to live, a purpose, and good health. They achieve this by offering a diverse range of services and advocating for change at a policy level.

Nacro’s education centers offer a variety of vocational courses for people aged 14-19+ while providing practical support for re-taking GCSEs. In housing, they assist tenants and landlords, providing safe and secure housing solutions for vulnerable individuals. Nacro’s justice service works with individuals in the criminal justice system, offering advice, support, and training courses.

They also work extensively in the health sector, addressing substance misuse and mental health concerns. With distinct programs targeting young people, care leavers, homeless individuals, women, and ex-service personnel, Nacro serves a wide array of demographics. Furthermore, they constantly launch campaigns to promote social justice, engage in policy research, and release news related to their activities and successes.

As a potential employer, Nacro offers interesting work opportunities and volunteering roles for those whose passion aligns with their mission. Supporting Nacro Cymru, Swansea, means contributing to a society where everyone, no matter their past, can see a future. Nacro Cymru, Swansea, is ensuring a


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