Oxwich Bay Hotel, Swansea


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Oxwich Bay Hotel, Swansea

The Oxwich Bay Hotel, situated in Swansea, offers a distinctive blend of scenic beach paradise and ultra-modern amenities to provide clients with an unmatched hospitality experience. This award-winning hotel immerses guests in the tranquil ambiance of the sea, transforming even a brief stay into an idyllic seashore retreat.

Located at the heart of the picturesque Gower Peninsula, the hotel boasts panoramic views over the stunning Oxwich Bay, providing an unparalleled sensory experience. Guests may opt to soak in these breathtaking landscapes from the comfort of luxurious, well-appointed rooms, or from any of the hotel’s numerous outdoor venues.

Offering a diverse range of amenities, the Oxwich Bay Hotel catines to a wide spectrum of guests. Its services extend beyond simple accommodation to include venues for special occasions such as weddings, birthday celebrations, and corporate events. With its dedicated team, they ensure that each event is a memorable experience, matching the stunning backdrops provided by the hotel’s location.

The hotel’s gastronomic prowess is evidenced through its high-end restaurant, offering an innovative menu that seamlessly combines classic flavours with contemporary culinary creativity. Local, seasonal ingredients are used to create exceptional meals, providing guests with a unique dining experience in Swansea.

Committed to delivering a high standard of service, Oxwich Bay Hotel ensures that guests will find every modern convenience at their fingertips. Guest-centricity is at its core, ensuring a comfortable stay in this beautiful coastal locale, making it an unrival


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