R-Tec Garage Ltd, Swansea


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R-Tec Garage Ltd, Swansea

R-Tec Garage Ltd is a leading automotive service provider based in Swansea, the bustling seaside city located in the heart of Wales. Steeped in a strong heritage of car maintenance and servicing, the company relishes a prominent position in the local automotive industry.

Founded with a mission to deliver top-notch, professional, and affordable automotive services, R-Tec Garage Ltd primarily focuses on catering to the Swansea and its surrounding areas. The company prides itself on its team of highly-trained and experienced mechanics, who utilise the latest technology to deliver efficient and reliable repair and maintenance service.

R-Tec Garage Ltd offers an extensive range of solutions, ranging from general car servicing and repairs to MOT testing, tyre replacement and balancing, exhaust repairs, brake and clutch replacements. These services underscore R-Tec’s commitment to ensuring the smooth running of vehicles and the ultimate safety of their drivers.

Another distinctive facet of R-Tec Garage Ltd is its customer-focused approach. It offers a quick and convenient online booking system, so customers can easily schedule their vehicle repair and maintenance appointments. The company also assures the maximum convenience for its customers by providing a comprehensive range of support functionalities, including a comfortable waiting area, free wi-fi, and complimentary drinks.

Conclusively, R-Tec Garage Ltd stands tall as a beacon of professional automotive services in Swansea; it’s a one-stop solution for comprehensive, reliable and budget-friendly vehicle repair and maintenance needs.


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