Relate, Swansea


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Relate, Swansea is a leading provider of relationship support services in the UK. Offering a range of specialised counselling programs, Relate provides guidance for individuals, couples, families, and young people. Our services are strategically designed to help you manage and navigate difficulties that may arise within a variety of relationships, whether that is with a partner, a child, a friend, or family member.

For just £30, you can book a 30-minute online chat or telephone call with one of our trained Relationship Counsellors to discuss and resolve pressing concerns. You also have the option to write to a Counsellor about any relationship issue that is causing you stress, and receive backed advice to help you make positive changes.

Our local Centres, located across the UK, are tailored to cater to the specific needs of their respective communities offering relationship counselling, sex therapy, and counselling for children and young people among other services. For residents in Scotland, you can contact our sister organisation, Relationships Scotland.

With over 76% of our clients acknowledging improved coping strategies and better situations after counselling, and 81% would recommend our services to a friend, we are the most trusted provider of relationship support. Reach out to us today and gain the confidence to transform your relationship. Regardless of the issue at hand, we want to assure you that we understand, we empathise, and we’re ready to help when you are. So, whenever you decide it’s time, remember, we can Relate.


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