Russell Street Dental Clinic, Swansea


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Russell Street Dental Clinic, Swansea

The Russell Street Dental Clinic, located in Swansea, is a highly esteemed and long-standing dental practice that owes its roots to the year 1956, signifying a journey of over 60 years in providing dental care services. Notably, the clinic has passed through the expert hands of Mr. Hart and Mr. Rattenbury before the current Principle Dentist, Dr. Imtiaz Khan, took the reins after buying the practice in March 2021.

The clinic boasts of providing an array of diversified dental services with a high degree of professionalism, making it one of the thriving dental centres in Swansea. It takes pride in offering the discreet Invisalign treatment, aimed at making that smile of yours even more fascinating, standing by their motto – “Love Your Smile”.

The practice also provides a spectrum of cosmetic dentistry services, an aesthetic oral care methodology aimed at enhancing the overall appearance of your smile. Additionally, its private treatment scheme is notably curated to offer members 20% off on cosmetic treatments, thus making top-notch dental care more affordable.

Interestingly, Russell Street Dental Clinic isn’t only about smiles and treatments; it’s also a lot about convenience. Located near Swansea City Centre, it’s an easy spot for city dwellers, and their working hours ideally span from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, positioning themselves to be available to their patients for the maximum possible time.


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