S Goldstone Family Law, Swansea


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S Goldstone Family Law, Swansea

S. Goldstone Family Law is a distinguished legal practice situated in Swansea. Established by Sally Goldstone, an accomplished solicitor with over 15 years of experience in the field, the firm has been serving clients with dedication since its initiation in 2006.

Renowned for catering to clients dealing with the emotional and legal complexities of divorce or separation, the firm extends its expertise in handling diverse aspects of family law. These include Disputes regarding children and Financial matters, Divorce, Civil partnerships, Living Together/Apart scenarios, Domestic Violence instances, among others.

At the heart of S. Goldstone Family Law resides a team of specialists who prioritize working in unison and in an efficient manner to ensure an approachable, cost-effective, and timely service. They consider the emotional turmoil of divorce and relationship breakdown comparable to bereavement and with great sensitivity approach each case, aiming to alleviate the acrimony between parties involved and foster constructive dialogue.

S. Goldstone Family Law firmly believes in negotiation as a means of resolution, adopting a robust approach wherein all parties are willing to cooperate. In situations where cooperation is unviable, they are fortified to follow due court processes to actualize the clients’ desired outcomes.

The practice is conveniently located at 108 Walter Road, Swansea, and is easily reachable via phone or email for appointments or consultations. It proudly stands as one of South Wales’ leading solicitors providing personal, professional, and confidential legal advice to those facing relationship breakdowns.



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