S8080, Swansea


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S8080, Swansea

Established in 2000, S8080 is a UK-based, ISO27001 certified digital agency. Known for designing and developing secure, user-centered digital services and websites, this agency primarily serves public sector clients. The digital services provided by S8080 include usability enhancements, design, and development works.

The agency employs strategies like expert review, user research, along with a deft user experience design to improve the usability of digital products for its clients. They also handle visual and content design considerations, ensuring that the digital services offered by their clients are compelling, user-friendly, and align well with the brand.

With agile principles and open-source technologies at the heart of their development process, S8080 builds secure websites to help its clients in the public and third sectors improve and save money. Plus, as a Swansea, South Wales-based agency, they offer the unique service of designing and building secure bilingual (Welsh/English) digital services and websites.

Their procurement and procurement support spans early market engagement and presence on G-Cloud to handling bilingual services through Welsh and national frameworks. Notable for its commitment to environment, S8080 is a carbon-negative agency and a Bloom Accredited Supplier, offering services to over 170+ Contracting Authorities across the UK.


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