Seagers, Swansea


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Seagers, Swansea

Seagers in Swansea is more than just a restaurant, it’s a culinary experience that combines the best of local Welsh produce with a cosy, welcoming environment. With three unique dining spaces, namely, Y Bryngwyn, The Grillhouse, and No1 High Street, each restaurant offers a distinctive experience for varied dining preferences and occasions.

At its heart, Y Bryngwyn, renowned as the cosy one, is perfect for a snug and intimate meal. Customers can feel the touch of warmth and care from their well-trained staff, which adds a personal feel to your dining experience. The Bryngwyn menu does not compromise on quality, boasting a fine selection of locally sourced, high-quality meats.

Not too far off, The Grillhouse, often referred to as the family one, opens its doors to large group bookings, creating memorable experiences for families and large parties. Alongside their ample room offerings, it upholds the Seagers tradition of high-quality, locally sourced meat. The Grillhouse also offers a stellar dining experience, ensuring customer satisfaction on every front.

For a touch of elegance and sophistication, they also offer No1 High Street, the special one. It tempts steak lovers with dry-aged meat processed in their specialised dry ageing room. It also entices patrons with a vibrant cocktail selection. Like its sibling restaurants, No1 High Street ensures a quality meal using the best locally sourced meat.


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