Seren Counselling, Swansea


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Seren Counselling, Swansea

Seren Counselling is a comprehensive mental health resource and directory based in Camberley, Surrey. The platform instantiates to provide valuable information, support, and a network of certified counsellors dedicated to effective guidance. Accessible from the convenience of your home or on-the-go, Seren Counselling holds a directory of professional therapists enabling users to make informed decisions about who to reach out to.

The platform is committed to aiding individuals in their mental health journey, offering useful advice, articles and self-help resources that cater to diverse mental health queries and concerns. It also hosts an insightful podcast series that dives deep into current mental health issues, offering advice and support from experts in the field.

The website also acts as a guide for those new to counselling, explaining the process, the different types of therapy and therapists available, and answers to common frequently asked questions. In addition, it lists events organised around the topic of mental health.

Seren Counselling also welcomes professionals in the field. Qualified therapists are encouraged to join the platform, adding value to the community and providing users with a wider choice. The platform is equipped with a dedicated login area for professionals, where they can manage their profiles and stay up to date with notices and statistics.


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