Shine Drama Workshops, Swansea


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Shine Drama Workshops, Swansea

Shine Drama Workshops, Swansea, is a distinctive platform that is dedicated to providing uniquely crafted workshops that not only entertain but also enrich and educate. Harnessing the expressive power of Drama, they extend their services across Wales to brighten the lives of children ranging from 2 to 16 years old.

At the heart of these workshops, there are invigorating sessions which are rooted in the Expressive Arts Area of learning. They present an avenue for children to explore, create and respond to their individual and collective drama performances. Each workshop is designed in a tailor-made fashion to meet the unique requirements of the school or educational venue and is guided by an exceptional understanding of the curriculum.

The proficient team led by Principal, Jo Wright, a qualified teacher with a specialism in Drama and an impressive 15-year experience, ensures the sessions are practical, energetic, and fun-filled. The workshops encourage skills such as problem solving, teamwork, debating, confidence-building, and self-esteem. What’s more, the workshops cross the curriculum, lending a helping hand to other areas of learning as well.

Shine Drama Workshops also extend their expertise for homeschooling children, and also run popular weekly Drama and confidence classes for children aged two to eight years in Swansea. In addition, they offer sessions for schools and museums. Their mission goes beyond just teaching drama; they aim to prepare young individuals for societal participation by promoting expressive arts as a way to understand and respect varied viewpoints.


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