Smooth Doodle, Swansea


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Smooth Doodle, Swansea

Smooth Doodle, based in Swansea, is a leading graphic design and print company specialising in a variety of creative and promotional services.

Their primary focus is logo design with packages starting from £135. They create bespoke vector logos, which are advantageous for scalability, ensuring a crisp and clean visual regardless of the size it’s used in. These bespoke creations are not merely aesthetic additions but are meaningful symbols that give businesses an identifiable brand.

Beyond logo design, Smooth Doodle provides social media ad campaigns, designed to fit any brief and budget. With the ability to design bespoke advertisements aimed at a specific goal, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, boosting sales, or promoting new products, they have an economic offering of £35.00 per hour.

This Swansea company also ensures premium quality printing services. They have a wide range of printed products to offer from business cards, flyers, banners and flags, to promotional products such as keyrings and pens. They advocate a ‘Price Match*’ scheme, which implies competitive pricing for their customers.

Smooth Doodle is not confined within the borders of Swansea city but extends its delivery all over the UK and Ireland ensuring a wider reach. With comprehensive services extending from art direction to promotional merchandise, the company aims to provide a one-stop solution for various design, print and promotional needs. 


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