Swansea Council for Voluntary Service, Swansea


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Swansea Council for Voluntary Service, Swansea

Swansea Council for Voluntary Service (SCVS) is a renowned organisation committed to stimulating positive change in Swansea’s third sector. This umbrella organisation extends its influence throughout the City & County of Swansea. SCVS provides comprehensive support and represents the interests of numerous volunteers, voluntary organisations, and communities within the County. It also assists individuals in need via an array of services.

The work of SCVS is multifaceted, providing everything from advice and guidance appointments for voluntary opportunities, to specialised support and development services fit for the third sector. Unique projects developed as a response to an unmet need in the County are examples of the direct volunteering initiatives running alongside the Swansea Volunteer Centre.

SCVS also administers a suite of training programs tailored to bolster the skills, knowledge, and confidence of volunteers, community organisations, and voluntary groups. SCVS constantly works towards the provision of high-quality, third sector-specific training initiatives designed to meet the individual and collective needs of organisations.

Among the vast selection of projects under SCVS’s administration include ‘Involve’, ‘New Ways to Wellbeing’, ‘Shared Homes Swansea’, ‘Swansea Dementia and Carer Project’, and many more. These projects, among others, exemplify SCVS’s commitment to community-centric initiatives that promote wellbeing and unity.

The organisation’s commitment to supporting the community during challenging times, such as the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and the current Cost of Living crisis, is laudable. They have curated resources and information to aid voluntary organisations during


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