Swansea University Events & Hospitality – Bay Campus, Swansea


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Swansea University Events & Hospitality – Bay Campus, Swansea

Situated in South Wales, Swansea University offers comprehensive event and hospitality services across its two beachfront campuses. Renowned for its top-tier conference and event venues, Swansea University is the ideal choice for hosting a variety of events, including conferences, receptions, sporting events, and residential events like summer camps and study groups.

The university excels in offering exceptional event management services with a dedicated Event Services team who carries decades of expertise. They provide an array of on-site facilities, including event catering and accommodation available from July to September.

The university also actively assists in planning the events by offering in-depth guides, checklists, and support packages that cater to conference organisers. Coupled with first-class customer service, Swansea University extends this comprehensive hospitality to its delegates by providing valuable information on navigating the campuses, parking facilities, exploring Swansea, and much more.


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