Total Sound Solutions, Swansea


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Total Sound Solutions, Swansea

Established in Swansea, Total Sound Solutions is a leading name in the audio-visual industry, boasting a dedicated team of experienced sound, light, and A.V. engineers who deliver beyond expectations with their array of technical and creative skills. Since their inception in 1999, Total Sound Solutions has evolved as a premier A.V. company, serving clients across a diverse spectrum including conferencing services, music festivals, commercial installations, and event production among others.

Working from a 12,000 sq ft warehouse and offices in Neath, the company specializes in unique A.V. solutions tailored to client requirements. This involves close collaboration with clients to ensure a solution that’s professional, time-efficient and budget-friendly. Total Sound Solutions is equipped with a vast portfolio of A.V. services across various spectrums like award ceremonies, conference services, event production, exhibitions, festivals, health and fitness centers, music events among many more.

At Total Sound Solutions, the commitment to stay relevant in the fast-paced technology world ensures that the company consistently reviews, researches, and invests in the latest technology. This allows them to provide clients with superior quality products available in the A.V. industry.

Whether you want to hire equipment, get an installation done, or simply purchase the equipment for your business, Total Sound Solutions provides access to a wide variety of professional-grade technologies, including amplifiers, DJ equipment, lighting and effects, microphones and DI boxes, speakers and subs, projectors, computers, and more


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