Ysgol Street Pharmacy, Swansea


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Ysgol Street Pharmacy, Swansea

Ysgol Street Pharmacy is a well-established, independent local pharmacy located in Swansea. The pharmacy prides itself on offering personalized services that align with the unique needs of its customers within the Swansea area. Operating with a clear focus on promoting optimal health, Ysgol Street Pharmacy constantly works towards meeting and exceeding its clients’ health-related requirements.

At the core of these personalized services is a free prescription collection and next-day delivery offering. This valuable service was developed to accommodate most areas in Swansea. Further, being an independent pharmacy allows the business to adapt its service to effectively meet specific customer requirements, thereby offering a tailored delivery solution aimed at enhancing convenience.

More than just prescription services, Ysgol Street Pharmacy also boasts a highly trained and friendly workforce. The team, comprising of qualified pharmacists and supportive staff, are available without an appointment and are dedicated to assisting clients make healthier lifestyle changes. This commitment goes a long way in reducing unnecessary visits to GP and A&E departments, further emphasizing the pharmacy’s customer-centric approach.

Additionally, Ysgol Street Pharmacy offers a variety of in-pharmacy services including smoking cessation programs, medicine use reviews, blood pressure monitoring, and healthy start vouchers, among others. The aim is to provide comprehensive health solutions that are conveniently housed under one roof.

The pharmacy also maintains a 24/7 prescription collection point and introduces new and helpful health products such as Karma Rub to its customers. To ensure continuous interaction with clients, Y


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